How To Choose A Laptop Sleeve( in Materials)

Laptop sleeves come in a variety of materials such as neoprene, EVA, polyester, nylon, and even leather. We should consider our everyday lifestyle, as well as our usual laptop usage habits, when choosing the material for a laptop sleeve. Well, it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various materials in the laptop sleeve. Here are some common materials:


Neoprene sleeves are most popular. It is a kind of synthetic rubber material and it is used for various purposes - laptop cases, wrist braces, gloves, sound insulation materials and so on, due to its elastic and insulation properties. This material is also very light, comfortable and durable and will certainly provide great protection for your equipment. There're two disadvantages of neoprene sleeves, one of which is the exterior fabric options bonded with it are few, and usually Lycra, due to its elastic characteristics, and another one of which is when the sleeve size is not snug to device, it will look baggy due to its soft characteristics.


Nylon has been on the handbag market for some time and the development of technologies have found use of it in laptop cases. It is well known as its great anti-wear and lightweight properties. The nylon notebook cases padded with foam material can also provide good protection from minor falling, and are also form shape. Nylon also offers more texture options compared to neoprene. 


Polyester is the most popular material used in the laptop sleeve. Its properties are similar to nylon, but have much more texture options than nylon. The disadvantages of Polyester are that it's a little heavier than nylon, the anti-wear feature is not as good as nylon. Numerous texture options and inexpensive cost make this material being the most widely used one in laptop sleeve market.


Leather is the most expensive laptop case material, but very pleasant by touch, fashionable and functional as well, and it will highlight your professional vibe in business occasion. Its texture option is also abundant from commonly seen cowhide to special animal skin leather such as alligator leather and snake leather. Besides its high price, it will not also be an option for a veganist.


Faux leather (PU)

Faux leather is a good alternative of genuine leather with much lower cost. It is easier to clean than those ones made with fabric, and usually only needs an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. Additionally, it can be very durable and doesn't involve the death of any animals. Despite this, faux leather sleeves don't smell as genuine leather, only last between 3 to 5 years, and don't age as well.



Polyester tends to be an inexpensive fabric, because it comes from artificial rather than natural sources. Therefore, its components are not subjected to nature's extremes, such as drought or storms. Polyester sleeve is durable, and it stretches, making it hard to tear. It does not shrink or crease easily. On the other hand, the material tends to be shiny, which is not always a desired characteristic. Removing stains is often difficult.



EVA laptop sleeves have lots of excellent performances including good water & moisture resistance, excellent shock absorption, strong heat insulation and long term durability. It's also usually bonded with a fabric layer as Neoprene is. The disadvantages of it are heavy and occupying more room when it's in a big bag. If you don’t like a hard type case too hold your device, it’s also not your preference.


We should determine whether we plan on carrying our laptops under our arm, or if we will place the laptop in a tote, backpack, or other type of bag. If the laptop will be carried by itself, consider a sleeve with extra padding to help cushion it against accidental drops. Laptops being carried are more prone to being dropped or bumped, and may require extra protection. Keep in mind, though, that even neoprene sleeves don't offer ideal impact protection. For that type of security, we need to explore heavy duty options such as EVA case. Laptops placed in backpacks or laptop bags will not need a sleeve with much padding, as the sleeve will function to protect the computer from scratches and dents.
Regardless of the level of protect, it's important to make sure the sleeve is of good quality. Otherwise, we may find ourselves replacing the sleeve within a short time. To determine a sleeve's workmanship, take a look at the seams and make sure the stitches are compact and firm. The seams are the area of the sleeve taking the maximum load. Good stitching at the seams will result in a long-lasting sleeve.

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