How To Choose A Laptop Sleeve( in Size)

Laptop sleeve is a pouch, often made of plastic or nylon, designed to fit closely over the skin of your laptop. Sleeves can help minimize the amount of dust or debris that your laptops come into contact with, and may protect against minor knocks and bumps.

So, did you decide to buy a laptop sleeve?

Consumers are faced with an extensive amount of choices for laptop sleeves with prices ranging from around $10 to over ten times that. In the next few articles, we are going to introduce you how to choose the laptop sleeves from several respects such as sizes, material, enclosure and so on.

Get the Appropriate Size

Is your Macbook 13 inches or 15 inches?

Now, most manufacturers do not have uniform size when they produce the laptop sleeve. They all customized the sleeves according to the size of the laptop. So, we should figure out the model or the size of our laptop before buying a sleeve. If you have a Macbook, please click WHICH MACBOOK MODEL DO YOU CURRENTLY OWN? and this article could help you identify the size of your Macbook. Then we can go to Amazon to buy a laptop sleeve.


New Macbook or the old Macbook?

As we know, the Macbook has new and old versions. Old Macbook pro release in 2013-2015 and new Macbook pro release in 2016-2018. Old Macbook air release in 2013-2017 and New Macbook air release in 2018. The difference is that the new version is a little smaller than the old version, about 0.1 inches. The size of old Macbook air 13 inches is the same as old Macbook pro 13 inches, and so do the new version.  


Do you want a tighter sleeve or a looser one?

The primary purpose of a sleeve is to protect the laptop, how well the sleeve fits is a primary determinant of the protection it offers. A small laptop in an oversized sleeve has room to move around; if you were to drop your bag, the laptop would continue to accelerate until it reached the edge of the sleeve resulting in a harsher than necessary impact. Had the laptop fit snugly within the sleeve, this impact would have been less severe. So sleeve should fit snugly against your body to best protect you. But if your have a hard shell on your laptop or you want to put something else such as a book into your sleeve, a looser one may be a better choice.

On Amazon, we will find the size options of many products as the image shows. This is the universal size.


In this case, we can only choose the approximate size, which leads to the tightness that does not meet our expectations. But Some sellers distinguish products from new or old versions as the picture shows


So, if you Macbook is a new version and you want a looser sleeve, you could choose a old version.


I have a laptop with another brand

If your laptop’s brand is not Apple such Dell, Lenovo, etc. You could visit official website to get the length, width and height of your laptop. Then you could found the sleeve’s dimension at the part of “Product information” on the detail page. Generally, the length and width of your laptop could be 1 inch smaller than sleeve’s length and width, 0.2 inches bigger than sleeve’s length and width.

For example, if your laptop's length is 12.9 inches, the sleeve's length you could choose should between 11.9 - 13.1 inches


To be continued


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