Everyone needs a home. Home is the source of people's warmth. It shields you from the wind and gives you safe shelter. As a home, its most basic equipment is a building, a house, or an apartment. For a house, there are eaves, and the rain won't disturb you. There are walls and windows around you, so the wind won't take you away but it won't stop the sun from caressing your cheek. There's a floor below to keep your feet on the ground. Such a house is a person's necessities. Lacking it makes you brave the wind and dew, safe not at all.



Most people, born with a house, never have to worry about where to rest when they are tired. But besides people, there are many things that need a home, or a house. Even though these things are lifeless and can't breathe, they still would get hurt and need to be well protected so that they are not close to the rain and they fall to the ground safely, such as, laptops that are cherished by everyone. As for the importance of laptops, I believe we need not say them too much. Basically, the average family in the world has a laptop. And laptops are protected by people. We cherish and protect computers. Basically, a small partner who owns a laptop must have at least one laptop bag or sleeve which appears to protect the laptop from harm. In fact, the laptop bag or a sleeve is the home of the laptop to protect it from damage in some sense.

But in real life, there are many injuries of notebooks, such as cracking of motherboard and bad track of hard disk, which are closely related to the irregular carrying of laptops. The responsibility for carrying irregular naturally lies largely in the use and choice of laptop bags or sleeves. First, if you allow your laptop to be placed in the absence of a house, the laptop crashes and breaks because of the lack of a laptop bag. Second, if the laptop is good to stay in the “house” when it is crashed, it is because you choose an unqualified laptop sleeves. This laptop bag lacks protection and is not qualified as a house to bear all the damage to the laptop.



Now that people want to choose a laptop sleeve, why not choosing a protective laptop sleeve? To sum up, the reason why people choose an unqualified laptop bag is mainly because they are attracted by low price temptation and appearance deception which are designed by cunning sellers. There are many different businesses sell the sleeves in the market, and many different brands are being sold. But the prices of laptop sleeves sold by different businesses and different brands are different. Some are high. Some are low.Some are super high and some are super low. Many customers don't know much about the choice of laptop sleeves or bags, but they don't go to learn much about it. They feel that two bags looks similar, or both the bags are loved by them. So they will choose lower-priced bags in contrast, because the cost is low. Little did you know that it fells into the trap of the businessmen. Let them make greater profits at low cost.

As the old saying goes, pies don't fall from the sky. We can’t spend very little money and get a super good sleeve for no reason. Businessmen sell things to do business, to survive with their own money earned, not to do good deeds. So no matter how low you buy a sleeve, the merchants can make money. That's their goal. But for a low-cost sleeve, the merchant can receive little money, because of raw material costs, production costs, labor costs, transportation costs. He still has to make money while paying so much more. So what will he do to make a profit? There's no doubt about reducing costs. For example, the cost of raw materials can only reduce from the use of materials and the use of low-quality and low-cost materials. But can such a low-cost sleeve really meets the requirements of a buyer?


 I don’t think so.







Next, we summarize the problems of some cheap laptop sleeve s on the market.





When choosing a laptop sleeve, we need to pay attention to the interlayer where the laptop sleeve is placed. What materials are used in the Interlayer will affect the impact resistance of the laptop sleeve. With poor quality Interlayer, the laptop will break when the sleeve falls with laptop, such as screens cracked and edges and corners broken.

A laptop sleeve should have foam sponge interlayer at least, and foam sponge can not be too thin. Otherwise it can not protect the laptop. Therefore, when you buy laptop sleeves, you need to focus on checking. If the sponge in the interlayer is thick and pinched elastically, it is a good product.

In addition, in the four corners of the laptop sleeve, a good laptop sleeve will be added with a more layer. because the four corners are the easiest places to break when a laptop falls down. And for low-cost sleeves, merchants will not consider the four corners at all.




2 Poor waterproof ability

 A good laptop sleeve is made of waterproof material.

In the selection of fabrics, the anti-splash fabrics will ensure that the notebook will not be harmed because of light rain and spilled drinks. Laptop sleeves manufactured by regular manufacturers have to be tested for water splashing. For example, all comfyable laptop sleeves have to be tested for water splashing before they leave the factory.

In addition, considering that the bottom of the laptop sleeve will contact the wet ground, a good laptop sleeve will be made of completely waterproof material at the bottom. Some laptop sleeves will also have rainproof cover, special waterproof barrier, etc., to maximize the waterproof ability of laptop sleeves.

Sleeves with Poor Waterproof Material Like You Have An Umbrella But Still Wet

Sleeves with Poor Waterproof Material Like You Have An Umbrella But Still Wet


 3 Low firmness

The quality of a laptop bag depends largely on the use of materials. Different fabrics bring different feelings in use. A good quality laptop bag will generally choose nylon or polyester fiber as the fabric, which is the best backpack material at present, strong and durable, and can achieve water-proof and wear-resistant.

Of course, there are also high-end notebook laptop sleeves are used leather as the main material. Leather feels good, but will increase the weight of the bag.

Let's briefly introduce nylon materials. Because of the different fabrication techniques and fineness, nylon can be divided into many kinds. At present, most brand notebook sleeves in the industry will use 600D nylon . The higher the number, the better the nylon, 1680D nylon is the best material at present).

The higher number of nylon fabric, the thicker the feeling is and the thicker the fabric texture is.

The choice of lining, manufacturers will still prefer nylon, usually with 210D nylon lining which is soft and high density. Individual high-end brand products will use 420D lining, good quality, strong. Of course, the cost will rise.


In addition to the above major issues about the safety of the sleeves, the choice of materials for some accessories on the sleeves also has a great impact on the quality of the whole sleeve, such as shoulder straps, zippers.


4 shoulder strap comfort

Are you tired with your shoulder strap? Do you feel comfortable with your shoulder strap? Much depends on the design of shoulder straps.

An excellent brand businessman, in the shoulder strap design, must be in line with ergonomics for the best. The poor businessmen obviously don't spend much time and energy on shoulder strap design.



5 zipper with poor quality

Whether it's clothes or trousers, when there is a zipper, it must be the biggest headache that the zipper is broken! Now it's hard to find the sewing machines that used to exist in the streets and alleys. There's no place to mend them when they're broken. Small companions with ingenuity may also buy their own zippers and sew them with needles and threads!

For a buddy who has ugly sewing, when the zipper is broken, they may lose your clothes directly!

As for laptop sleeves, the problem above is not to much. What's more, a badly designed zipper in a laptop will cause friction and deep scratches when it is sliding. Think about when you just bought a new cell phone, you can’t baby it anymore. If the mobile phone falls to the ground, the whole person will be shocked. Without seeing the cell phone is still perfect, this tension can not be put down. Similarly, a new laptop, due to the laptop bag zipper problem, has a scratch or a few scratches. That kind of mood is how uncomfortable.

So when you buy a laptop sleeve, you must check the zipper repeatedly to see if the zipper can work smoothly. Pay attention to whether there are bad teeth on the whole zipper and whether the two ends of the zipper are strong.

YKK zipper

Zipper, of course, is YKK's best. After all, YKK is the originator of zippers. Besides high-end sleeves, we can also find YKK in Nike,Adidas, Levi’s and other clothing brands.

Like a high-end YKK zipper about 1 metre in length, wholesale prices will reach about $12.





 Buckles are also exquisite, notebook bags with brand-name buckles tend to have longer service life, while using feel will be better. Some delicate buckles can even upgrade the whole sleeve.



 In addition to the above points, in fact, people will choose a low-cost product sometimes because of the fraud of the merchants.

 Nowadays, people are mostly accustomed to an online shopping way because there are more choices to buy things online. But there are also big drawbacks in this way. When people are shopping, they can't see the real thing. Many businessmen do a good job of making pictures that match those of expensive high-end products, and then take over the market at a lower price. But only those who receive the goods know that these drawings are very deceptive. In another case, some businesses will make the appearance of the product very delicate, so it seems to be a high-quality product. But in fact, the internal materials are quite cheap, feel bad. The sleeves which are used a few days will be broken.

To sum up, it's still that sentence. You can't buy good goods cheaply. Low-priced things can not only be chosen by the beauty of the appearance. If you are not an expert in this field, we suggest that you should give more budget for the price. After all, laptops aren't something you can buy for a few dollars. They aren't like the diamond that is unbreakable. For the $10 less cost in a sleeve , if a laptop is damaged by a knock, that's a bigger loss. So, it's better to find a safe house for your laptop. Of course, it doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars on a luxury sleeve. Just refuse the bags that are too cheap, or lower than the market price.
Now there are some laptop bags’ and sleeves’ dealers in the market who wants to promote and expand the brand. In physical stores or online stores, they already have a reputation. They may be one of our good choices to buy a laptop sleeve. Such brand products are not as expensive as big brands, but they have higher product costs and use better materials. It's just because it's in the early stages of branding. So the price is close to the cost. Such brand products are also a good choice for us to choose laptop sleeves or bags.


All in all, if you love your bag, please give him a good and safe house.








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