About MacBook Pro 2019 : 4 Things Buyers Need to Know

What’s New On the 2019 MacBook Pro?

Apple focuses on performance upgrades with the 2019 MacBook Pro. There are no design changes or new colors, but if you need heavy lifting in a portable package this may be the upgrade for you.
 Apple now offers up to an 8-core processor on the 15-inch MacBook Pro with 9th gen Intel Core i processors. The entry-level 15-inch MacBook Pro comes with a 6-core Intel 9th gen processor. Apple says the new 8-core processor offers twice the performance of the 4-core processor and 40% more than the 6-core MacBook Pro.

 The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar now comes with a quad-core 8th gen Intel Core i5 processor. This is the biggest change for the 2019 MacBook Pro, but there is also one that is hidden away — and worth a specific breakout.

 2019 MacBook Pro Keyboard Changes

Apple upgrades the MacBook Pro keyboard, but sticks with the same overall butterfly keyboard design. The company told The Verge , that it is using new materials in the switch that will reduce problems with double key presses and missed keypresses.

There is no information about this upgrade coming to the MacBook or MacBook Air. Apple also now offers the keyboard repair program to the 2018 MacBook Pro and 2019 MacBook Air, bringing coverage to essentially all previous generation MacBook models with a butterfly keyboard.

2019 MacBook Pro Price

The 2019 MacBook Pro starts at $1,799 and goes all the way up to $6,549 for a top of the line 15-inch MacBook Pro.

13-inch MacBook Pro 2.4GHz 4-Core Processor – 256GB Storage – $1,799

13-inch MacBook Pro 2.4GHz 4-Core Processor – 512GB Storage – $1,999

15-inch MacBook Pro 2.6GHz 6-Core Processor – 256GB Storage – $2,399

13-inch MacBook Pro 2.3GHz 8-Core Processor – 512GB Storage – $2,799

Apple did not update the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, so if you buy the $1,299 model you don’t get the updated keyboard or the newer processors.

 2019 MacBook Pro Upgrade Deals

The new MacBook Pro is available to order today at Apple. You can also choose to trade-in your current Apple notebook or computer to Apple towards the purchase and save.

Apple offered me $1,035 for a 2016 MacBook Pro 15-inch when we trade in and upgrade. This isn’t going to be the best option for everyone, but it may be better than dealing with Facebook marketplace or eBay.

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