6 iPadOS Features : Expected to make your iPad the strongest office tool

At this year's WWDC19 Developers Conference, we can see that Apple's various device systems are becoming more independent and professional, such as Apple's newly released iPadOS, this new OS will also bring a full range of changes to the existing and subsequent iPad products. According to the official introduction, iPadOS is expected to start pushing this fall.

Although WWDC19 did not launch iPhone-related products, in the long run, this developer conference is a revolutionary conference. According to the new features of iPadOS, Apple can be seen the understanding of the iPad and the future direction of the iPad basically. Perhaps one day the status of the iPad in the user's mind will be enough to exist for the iPhone.

More user-friendly UI design for desktop operations

iPadOS has a new UI design and desktop layout. You can add time block and large application folders to the iPadOS desktop like a computer. Apple wants the iPad to display as much content as possible on a desktop to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users. From the operation way of the UI, iPadOS is much closer to the desktop-level operation mode, such as supporting desktop-level web browsing, and the gesture logic of iPadOS is similar to macOS. Even if you are a macOS user, you should get started with the system as soon as possible. Form a seamless link to Apple's large-screen OS operations.

More intuitive multi-tasking

On WWDC19, Apple's first iPadOS preview is very intuitive. Unlike the past iOS, iPadOS's multi-tasking looks more like a multi-tasking interface on the computer, Allow users to process and enjoy two or more office or entertainment applications simultaneously. A screen, a variety of experiences. In addition, the same-screen multi-tasking application on the iPadOS can interact. For example, copying the drawings in an email directly to the next email, and doing this with gestures, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the iPad.

iPadOS also displays application multi-views on the desktop, allowing users to view multiple applications and quickly switch between them to improve working efficiency on the iPad, a feature that is reminiscent of multi-application operations on Mac computers. . In fact, as early as the iPad Pro2018, we can see Apple's ambition to let the iPad enter the mobile office market, but its software operation does not meet the needs of mobile office. Obviously, Apple wants to fill the shortcomings of the iPad in this aspect of the software.

New Apple Pencil features 

On iPadOS, Apple Pencil's touch delay has been reduced from the past 20ms to 9ms, which seems to be only 11ms shorter, but from a user experience point of view, this will bring the user a visible fast. This can add points to the product's goodwill, and may even further widen the gap between the iPad series and the Android tablets.

In order to allow more developers to invest in the development of new Apple Pencil features, and to be able to take advantage of this Apple Pencil, Apple has also launched a new PencilKit API for developers, which is somewhat of a certain kind of development tool. "Slimming program", as long as the third-party App "runs" in this set of development tools, you can let the app bring a new experience to users.

iCloud and file management Upgrades 

The iCloud on iPadOS has also been upgraded to iCloud Drive. Users can share folders through this function, add file management functions, manage more, and support software and file compression and decompression. It is worth noting that on iPadOS, users can finally transfer and save files using a USB flash drive.

Desktop-level Safari browsing experience

On the iPadOS, the Safari browser can take advantage of the large screen brought by the iPad, and present the desktop-side control experience comparable to that of a PC or even a PC. At the press conference, Apple said that the content of Google Docs, Wordpress and other platforms can be fully displayed on Safari. This time Safari also added a download manager very clearly to display the downloads in the browser.

More efficient inputting method

On an iPad device with iPadOS, you can move and use the mouse as fast as you would on a PC, just by tapping the screen and swiping the screen. In addition, you can also quickly select the text by touching. After selecting, slide the three fingers inward to quickly copy. If you slide outward, paste the content. Even if an operation error occurs, you only need to slide up three points to return. The previous step, and this is a unique feature of iPadOS.

In addition, iPadOS also supports iOS 13 new dark mode, sliding input keyboard, more intelligent photo arrangement. In the privacy function, the new Signin with Apple function allows you to log in to the new website without Facebook or Google account When logging in, a temporary email address will be randomly generated to prevent privacy leakage. iPadOS is the same as iOS 13, the application update volume is reduced by 60%, and the application startup speed is twice that of iOS 12. In the AppStore, the application size is reduced by 50% and the update package is reduced by 60%.

According to reports, the iPadOS developer preview will be available for download today, the beta version is expected to be released in July this year, and the official version will have to wait until the fall. Overall, this iPadOS will make the iPad series products closer to mobile office tools and quickly improve production efficiency, but what is the actual performance? We are waiting for the arrival of autumn together.

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